Faith Formation

"Where Two or Three Are Gathered In My Name, I Am There..."  Matthew 18:20

At the apex and summit of our faith life is gathering with the community around the Table of the Lord at Eucharist.  There we worship God, hear God's Word, pray to God for one another and the world, and partake in the Body and Blood of Christ.

 Breaking Open God's Word With Children

Each weekend at the 9:30am liturgy we invite children from the ages of 5-14 to be sent from our worship at the time we hear the Word of God proclaimed in the Scriptures to go downstairs to learn what this Word means for us today in an age appropriate way.

On Mission With Jesus

On Sunday evenings at 6:30pm teenagers gather to learn the important things that will help them grow in faith, in spirit and in character as a modern day disciple of Jesus Christ in the world.  They will learn such things as 'how to read the Bible,'  'who is Jesus Christ and his call to the baptized,' 'how to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ,' 'living with a Mission' etc.


Integral to being Catholic is the belief that God can communicate with us through very visible signs and symbols.  We call these visible signs and symbols Sacraments.  They are ways for us to make tangible God's grace in Jesus Christ.  Each sacrament teaches us something about the invisible but very real realities of truth as we journey to the 'Kingdom of God.'  Each year we have special opportunities for those wishing to experience the Sacraments to learn and celebrate them.  If you are a newly born, or for that matter any age, you can be welcomed into a relationship of faith, hope and love with the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit in the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. If you would like to receive these sacraments email Judy Verdini, our Coordinator of Faith Formation at or Fr. Brian O'Toole at